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About Inside Aviation

About us

Inside Aviation is a global software solutions provider to the Aviation industry. We work on improving our clients ability to manage data, from automating manual data tasks, to visualising data with dashboards. We have built our reputation on our ability to handle every clients specific data requirements, from understanding their industry, to implementing the best technical solution.

Our solutions are used by vendors that provide applications for hundreds of airports and airlines throughout the world. Inside Aviation offer considerable industry resources through our network of highly experienced Aviation Consultants.

Andrew Cusack

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Cusack - Chief Executive Officer"The value proposition of Business Intelligence has to be actionable insights driving smart decisions"

Andrew gained a huge amount of knowledge over 10 years working for Menzies Aviation, one of the worlds largest airline handling companies. Menzies Aviation operates at over 100 airports with in excess of 10,000 employees.

Andrew has an extensive knowledge of the aviation industry and has been part of delivering major IT projects to ground handling operations throughout the world.

Jindrich Kratky

BI Developer

Jindrich Kratky – BI Developer"By using the right technology you can harness the power contained within your own data sources"

Jindrich has been a solution architect and developer for almost 10 years.  Jindrich worked for Menzies Aviation where he developed numerous systems deployed throughout the Menzies global network, including a GSE Maintenance and Compliance system, as well as a Revenue and Service capturing solution.

Jindrich provides significant technical knowledge that enables him to solve the most complicated of software challenges.

Philip Bowell

Aviation Consultant

Philip Bowell – Aviation Consultant"It is essential for all stakeholders to start to take a more holistic view of ground handling"

Philip most recently was CEO for Bahrain Airport Services (BAS) where he was responsible for all handling operations, including ramp, passenger, operations, catering, equipment and cargo. In an average year BAS handles 50,000 flights, 10 million passengers, 250,000 tonnes of cargo and prepares 8 million in flight meals.

To complete his 40+ years of aviation management experience, Philip has also worked with Swissport Japan, Menzies Aviation and United Airlines.

Trevor Warburton

Aviation Consultant

Trevor Warburton - Aviation Consultant"Being able to understand your operational performance is the first step in building a better business"

Trevor offers 50+ years of aviation expertise. As MD for Menzies Macau, provider of passenger, ramp, cargo handling and aircraft maintenance, Trevor was responsible for 5 million passengers and 45,000 tonnes of cargo per year. Recently Trevor has been working on bringing the low-cost carrier business model to Russia.

Aviation companies in Australia, Singapore and USA have also benefited from Trevor’s extensive experience.

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