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GSE Management

GSE Case Study: Pinnacle GSE
Management Solutions


Pinnacle specialise in providing GSE Owners, Maintainers and Fleet Managers with a range of information and reports from their GSE fleet. Through their powerful Telematics System, their information services are designed to help GSE Operators to manage their GSE assets more effectively, improve operational efficiency, increase safety and reduce costs. Information is recorded and transmitted using Pinnacle telematics hardware installed on the GSE.

Inside Aviation were asked by Pinnacle to develop an integrated suite of interactive web pages that can be used for internal management, and provide customers with a tool to take increased control of the Telematics System. At the same time the solution should present a more user friendly, dynamic and competitive user interface but reduce the dependency on the Software Development team for data analysis.


Solution - Dashboard, powered by QlikView, the GSE Business Intelligence System:

GSE ManagementQlikView was chosen as the reporting platform due to the ease in which it can seemingly analyse 100,000’s rows of data effortlessly, while presenting an intuitive display for analysis.

Directly connecting to the transactional database meant the Dashboard could present near real time information via a web browser, allowing users fast, easy and effective analysis over their GSE fleets data. By utilising a variety of chart types that QlikView offers, it gave the end user the flexibility they required to make fact-based decisions about their GSE fleet. Subsequently this reduced the need for Pinnacle to continually develop new reports for data analysis.


"With the design and development skills of Inside Aviation, and the Qlikview software, we were able to transform our reporting suite beyond the capabilities of our competitors in a very short timeframe."

Andy Jackson, Technical Director - Pinnacle


Inside Aviation were able to meet all of Pinnacles requirements be developing and implementing the Dashboard application in just 15 days. Inside Aviation provide continuous support and enhancements to the Dashboard application.

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