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Cloud BI

Want BI without making any capital investment?
   Don’t want to wait months for implementation?
      Start getting BI in minutes from $60 per month with Inside Aviation

Cloud BI

Inside Aviation is revolutionising Business Intelligence in the aviation industry, by bringing together Cloud computing and our experience in aviation. Cloud computing allows a company to avoid large capital investment on hardware, software and services, by utilising the internet to access these resources. Cloud computing  minimises the capital and human resource investment while maximising the return on investment, accessibility and scalability.


Cloud BI Summary

Connectivity   Software
Connect to on-premise and online data sources   No server or client software installations
Accessible   Hardware
Share dashboards with a unique URL   No new hardware needed
Scalable   Capital expense
Add dashboards and users when they are needed   Pay monthly with no minimum commitment
Self-service   Complex implementation
Create your own dashboards and analysis   Online services simplifies the implementation

Cloud BI Connectivity

Connect to any source: The smartest, fastest, easiest way to work with data, from a single place...

Cloud BI Connectivity

Oracle™, PostgreSQL™, Mysql™, Microsoft Sql Server™, FireBird™, Informix, SADAS™, IBM DB2, Excel, Microsoft Analysis Services™, Mondrian OLAP Engine, Oracle Essbase™, Text Files, CSV, SOAP based Web Services,  Google Analytics, Salesforce, Google Docs, Lighthouse, Amazon SimpleDB...


Cloud BI Pricing

The Cloud BI offers a range of licensing options to suit your needs with pricing starting at just $60 per month; why pay for analysis functionality you don’t need?

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