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What is Business Intelligence?

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What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) gives a company comprehensive knowledge of the factors which affect its business, such as changing trends, customer behaviour, customer preferences and market conditions. It gives metrics on sales figures, production and internal operations to help you make better decisions and give you a competitive advantage. Managers and analysts use these metrics to refine the operation of the business.

Inside Aviation Dashboard exampleToday’s users now demand quicker, more efficient service from businesses. Agile companies and CIOs will have to rely more heavily on their BI systems to stay ahead of trends and future events. BI users are beginning to demand real-time Business Intelligence or near real-time analysis relating to their business, particularly in front line operations. With automated systems, more data becomes available but the correlation and analysis of data often remains a challenge due to the lack of infrastructure for data exchange or incompatibilities between systems.

Informed decision-making, especially short term, can end up relying on intuition or old data rather than structured real-time information because data correlation and presentation without a BI solution sometimes takes weeks or months. The structure and security of the information is crucial so the decision-makers see information the way they want to see it and sensitive information is protected.

Companies use Business Intelligence to:

  • Ensure SLAs
  • Empowers decision-makers
  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Be more profitable
  • Improve Planning
  • Increase Performance
  • Budget and Forecast Accurately
  • Analyse Market conditions
  • Negotiate Contracts
  • Eliminate cost of producing legacy reports

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